University Research

12.18.17University Research

New Catalyst Meets Challenge of Cleaning Exhaust from Modern EnginesExternal link

Researchers at Washington State University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of New Mexico have created a catalyst capable of reducing pollutants at the lower temperatures expected in advanced engines. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.15.17University Research

Columbia Engineers Create Artificial Graphene in a Nanofabricated Semiconductor StructureExternal link

Researchers at Columbia Engineering are the first to observe the electronic structure of graphene in an engineered semiconductor; finding could lead to progress in advanced optoelectronics and data processing. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.15.17University Research

Perking Up and Crimping the ‘Bristles’ of Polyelectrolyte BrushesExternal link

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, and the Argonne National Laboratory devised experiments that caused polyelectrolyte brush bristles to collapse and then recover from the collapse. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.14.17University Research

Two Holograms in One SurfaceExternal link

A team at Caltech has figured out a way to encode more than one holographic image in a single surface without any loss of resolution. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.14.17University Research

Engineers Create Plants that GlowExternal link

MIT Researchers have engineered a plant that can glow in the dark by embedding nanoparticles into the plant's leaves. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.14.17University Research

$3.9 Million Supports Research to Turn Bacteria into Biofuel ProducersExternal link

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have received a $3.9 million grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop bacteria that manufacture renewable biofuels — energy sources made from plants or microbes. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.13.17University Research

Physicists Excited by Discovery of New Form of Matter, ExcitoniumExternal link

By developing a novel technique, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of Illinois; University of California, Berkeley; and University of Amsterdam have measured for the first time the collective excitations of the low-energy bosonic particles and observed the precursor to exciton condensation, a soft plasmon phase. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.13.17University Research

NAU Researchers Join Department of Energy Project to Study the Soil Microbiome and its Effect on Carbon PersistenceExternal link

Northern Arizona University Regents’ Professor Bruce Hungate, director of the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss), recently joined a new initiative lead by LLNL to study how the soil microbiome controls the mechanisms that regulate the stabilization of the organic matter in soil. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.13.17University Research

Rules for Superconductivity Mirrored in 'Excitonic Insulator'External link

Rice University physicists dedicated to creating the working components of a fault-tolerant quantum computer have succeeded in creating a previously unseen state of matter. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.12.17University Research

X-Ray Detector for Studying Characteristics of MaterialsExternal link

Modern synchrotron x-ray sources, such as the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron (CHESS), produce x-ray beams with unprecedented capabilities. Scientists and engineers use the beams to study the properties of materials as they are subjected to rapid changes in environmental conditions. Read MoreExternal linkage

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