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11.03.17University Research

Penn Researchers Demonstrate How to Control Liquid Crystal PatternsExternal link

When Lisa Tran, a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences, set out to investigate patterns in liquid crystals, she didn’t know what to expect. When she first looked through the microscope, she saw dancing iridescent spheres with fingerprint-like patterns etched into them that spiraled and flattened as the solution they were floated in changed. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.03.17University Research

Computer Scientists Aid in Major Astronomical DiscoveryExternal link

In a major advance in astronomy, scientists announced last month that they had observed two neutron stars colliding, a never-before-seen cosmic event that made headlines the world over — and two UC Merced computer scientists were instrumental in making it happen. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.03.17University Research

Mapping the Microbiome of … EverythingExternal link

In the Earth Microbiome Project, an extensive global team co-led by researchers at University of California San Diego, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory collected more than 27,000 samples from numerous, diverse environments around the globe. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.02.17University Research

Texas Engineers Develop New Material for Better Lithium-Ion BatteriesExternal link

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered a family of anode materials that can double the charge capacity of lithium-ion battery anodes. This means that the batteries that we use in everything from cellphones to large-scale energy storage systems could be more efficient in the future. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.02.17University Research

Researchers Discover Super-Elastic Shape-Memory MaterialExternal link

UConn materials science and engineering researcher Seok-Woo Lee and his colleagues have discovered super-elastic shape-memory properties in a material that could be applied for use as an actuator in the harshest of conditions, such as outer space, and might be the first in a whole new class of shape-memory materials. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.01.17University Research

How to Build Artificial Nanofactories to Power Our Futures: LogisticsExternal link

Scientists at the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory are trying to build artificial nanofactories to sustainably produce industrial materials or medical tools. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.01.17University Research

Two Princeton Astrophysicists Receive Funding to Study Merging Neutron StarsExternal link

Adam Burrows, a professor of astrophysical sciences, and David Radice, an associate research scholar, have won funding for a multifaceted five-year project to investigate “some of the most explosive phenomena, some of the most violent, that occur on a regular basis in the universe,” said Burrows. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.31.17University Research

Research Aims to Help Renewable Jet Fuel Take FlightExternal link

University of Delaware researchers are working to develop an alternative jet fuel. Instead of petroleum, UD researchers want to power planes with corncobs and wood chips — stuff you generally don’t care much about unless you’re a groundhog or a beaver looking for leftovers. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.31.17University Research

Microscopic Defects Make Batteries BetterExternal link

High-performance electrodes for lithium-ion batteries can be improved by paying closer attention to their defects — and capitalizing on them, according to Rice University scientists. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.30.17University Research

New Partners in ResearchExternal link

A new partnership between the University of Delaware and the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, announced last week during a two-day Innovation in Materials Science workshop, has just that sort of potential. Read MoreExternal linkage

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